About us

PathoNostics was founded in 2011 in Maastricht in The Netherlands, and is currently on the Brightland Campus. We are a strong, motivated team consisting of employees with a scientific background and experience in the field of mycology.

Our goal is to develop and commercialize real-time PCR assays for the diagnosis of superficial and invasive fungal infections. Our assays advance the diagnosis of fungal infections and allow antifungal therapy to be more appropriately targeted. Three products are currently available: AsperGenius®, DermaGenius®, and PneumoGenius®.

PathoNostics’ assays will result in  significantly faster diagnoses and specific species identification, leading to timely initiation of targeted therapy. Our proprietary technology platform uses real-time PCR and melting curve analysis to detect and differentiate pathogens and identify their resistance markers. Consequently, the avoidance of incorrect or unnecessary medical treatment, side effects, and costs will be achieved. We are convinced that the early diagnosis of fungal infections can greatly improve te clinical success and  infection control.